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Red House Water Based Pomade

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    Red House Water Based Pomade. A true medium hold, Unorthodox Homebrewed Water Based made from the most high quality, healthy ingredients we could find such as Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, and Shea Butter. With a balanced Tobacco-Vanilla scent you are sure to love from the twist of the top, Red House Water Based is going to break down easily, go in smooth, and hold all day without getting hard, dry, or flaking like a Gel Pomade... all the while washing out in one shampoo. Use a bit more for a nice Pomp or Contour or use a bit less for a textured, more modern look. 


    -Healthy Ingredients, No harsh Chemicals

    -Unorthodox Pomade

    -Tobacco-Vanilla Scent

    -Washes out easily

    -Leaves hair feeling soft and nourished

    -Easy to restyle

    -Will not "dry" or get hard

    -Medium Hold

    -4 oz. Glass Jar


    Water, Beeswax, Hydrogenated (PEG40) Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable Based Emulsifying Wax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Soy Wax, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Optiphen Plus.


    All items will ship within 2-5 business days of the order being recieved.

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    1. That scent though...

      My favorite part of this pomade, the scent! It's a lighter medium (for me atleast) scooping it out is easy, styling with it is easy. The scent lasts almost the entire day,but it is a little light, a strong scent would be nice, bit Tre will make the scent stronger if you ask! I had trouble styling MY hair when it was extra long, but I can only style my long hair with a heavy Pomade, after a haircut it worked beautifully! Half way through my first jar, I ordered another one... on Jan 28th 2016

    2. First pomade I actually enjoy.

      I've used a number of hair products. I have thin, straight brown hair that refuses to lay down. Gels, and glues, pastes, pomades, hair spray, and mousse. Nothing does a better job than this product right here. I don't like crunchy hair, or when it's all oily and greasy. I hate having to wash it 3 times just to get product out. And most of all, I don't care for ingredients that are all chemicals and synthetics.

      This pomade uses the most natural ingredient list with a perfect hold. It's not oily or greasy once it's in. I smells like a man should, dapper and refined. I can wash it out in one wash, even using my chemical free shampoo. I've only been using it for a week and I'm ready to buy another just so I can keep it handy. From the amount I use, this stuff should last me somewhere around 2-3 months.

      The hold for my hair is better than most without it being glue. It lays down and styles easily. Even after an entire day of work, if I want to go out at night without much effort, I can easily run a comb through it (with minimal water if needed) and it'll look like I just spent 30 minutes perfecting it.

      Very happy with this product, I hope this place stays in business a long time, cause I will be very hard pressed to change now.
      on Jan 12th 2016


      The headline says it all. My wonderful wife bought me this pomade for Christmas because the scent reminds me of one of my favourite fragrances. It is soft and flexible, and never gets hard.

      The tobacco vanilla scent lasts all day.

      Great product guys!

      Also a quick note - we had a tiny hiccup with our order and had the pleasure of dealing Tre, to rectify the situation. He was amazing! Best customer service ever!
      on Jan 7th 2016

    4. Awesome!

      The scent is a very nice and smooth vanilla/cinnamon with tobacco undertones that is perfect for my sniffer....:-) the hold is a light/med that also work good for me. Dealing with The Red House simply put awesome! on Dec 23rd 2015

    5. Great buy

      Fantastic pomade, the scent is amazing and lasts all day. This product has a nice medium hold and feels very light in your hair. Restyle is a breeze as this pomade doesn't harden in the hair. Recommend purchase. I will be buying this again. on Dec 22nd 2015

    6. My new favorite !

      Recieved this in the mail a few days ago and even the packaging was legit. Loved the handwritten letter and the little brown bag it was in very very cool. Now on to the pomade... Scent is amazing I can't stop sniffing it kind of wish it was a little bit stronger, but it's no deal breaker. The break down felt like butter super smooth and goes into the hair with zero effort. The hold is definitely a medium but it held up for me at the gym so that's a plus. It feels light in the hair and has a neutral shine. Comes out in one wash. I give this pomade a A+. Can't wait to see what's next with this brand. on Dec 19th 2015

    7. Amazing Product!

      The word "amazing" gets thrown around quite easily these days, but this stuff is serioiusly amazing!

      The hold is mild enough to not feel crunchy and yet strong enough to hold up to a day at work(I work in a screenprint shop and it holds up to many different variables).

      Sometimes I cut this with a super hold pomade and it really works nicely when I need a bit more hold.

      The scent of this stuff alone would be worth the word "amazing". Seriously, this is one of the best smelling pomades I have come across.

      As for the wash out, it's a non issue. A little shampoo(or just hot water) and you're good.

      Thank you for a great product!
      on Dec 18th 2015

    8. Amazing Stuff!!

      I have tried pretty much all of the unorthodox water based pomades currently available and this one truly stands out from the pack. The hold and scent are both amazing! More, this pomade actually comes completely out with just 1 shampoo and mostly out with water alone! Fantastic!! on Dec 14th 2015

    9. Fantastic-Top Notch Product

      After hearing one glowing review after another. I recently purchased this and the 1st thing I noticed was the wonderful vanilla/tobacco scent. To me its a very wonderfully warm scent but definitely not overwhelming, its just right. The vanilla is the predominant note I take away from it, but its refreshingly different than anything I have tried thus far with a tobacco scent. the application is a breeze, very easy to scoop and apply to hair, and very effortless combing. I put it in early yesterday had it in all day, it held nicely, kept its nice shine, and I got up this morning and combed it and the shine was still there and it still combed butter smooth with absolutely no hardening. I am thoroughly impressed, I usually have to stick with medium firms but this stuff is Golden. Well done Tre, and thank you for such friendly and fast customer service!! on Dec 14th 2015

    10. Amazing.

      Amazing. Simply amazing. One of the best I have used. on Dec 12th 2015

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